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World Center For Enlightened Living


World Center For Enlightened Living ~ A spa for your heart, mind and soul


CFEL is a volunteer-run, international public benefit organization dedicated to enlighten the world and to help the current humanity realize their higher potential.

CFEL is a non-profit public trust registered in India.


Buddha Maitreya Samael Aun Weor


Dr. Amit Jain



In spite of all the success, people are unhappy inside.

In spite of all the material prosperity and wealth of the world, the current humanity is empty inside.

In spite of all the security systems and alarms, the current humanity lives in constant anxieties and fears. Fears of terror attacks, fear of future, fear of losing their loved ones, fear of death, fear of loneliness, fear of failure, etc. etc.

In spite of umpteen physical, emotional and mental pleasures, the current humanity reeks in all kinds of diseases, pains and delusions. Most pleasurable nights end in terrible hangovers in the morning.

In spite of all the neon lights of the world, there is too much darkness in the hearts and minds of current humanity.

In spite of millions of books, schools, colleges and universities, the current humanity lives in extreme ignorance. To put in Socratic words, “They don’t even know that they don’t know”.

The fact is that the current humanity lives in illusions – Illusions of Self, Illusions of Knowledge, Illusions of Time and Illusion of Control.

As the great founder father of Yoga, sage Patanjali said, “Ignorance is the root cause of all kleshas (afflictions or problems)”.

CFEL’s mission is to attack this ignorance at the roots and enlighten the world.

World Center For Enlightened Living, founded in 2006 by Dr. Amit Jain along with his wife and spiritual consort Monika Jain. Buddha Maitreya Samael Aun Weor is the guiding light that guides us in our endeavors.

In 2009, under CFEL Dr. Amit Jain founded

Devachan School of Gnostic Rishis

You are the salt of the earth, You are the light of the world.

that brings out and empowers the inner wizard of each participant to enlighten others - restoring Vasudhev Kutumbakam through individual empowerment.


Our Vision

To see heaven on Earth. To see a world free of ignorance and unhappiness, without the borders that not only tie us in the physical world, but the borders that we have built in our hearts and minds. Vasudhev Kutumbakam: The whole world is our family.


Our Mission

To create a superior fraternity of men and women who are enlightened and empowering them to enlighten others.


Our Organizational Structure

CFEL’s organizational structure comprises of two directors: Dr. Amit Jain and Monika Jain, followed by Rishis, Acharyas, Facilitators, Advocates and Initiates. Other than expenses, none of the above takes any monetary benefits in terms of salary, etc. All the accounts are regularly audited by an external auditor.

CFEL’s online courses are already helping people around the world. Since 2011, CFEL has revolutionized humanity's access to enlightenment by—for the first time—making the ancient secrets available to anyone, anywhere, for free in the form of a systematized course online.


Our Initiatives


  1. The Buddha Code online course:

    Online spiritual teachings which includes lessons, audios and guided meditations. Answers to students’ queries and personal guidance on their path to enlightenment.

  2. Buddha Maitreya Samael Aun Weor’s Book Library

  3. Global Healing Project:

    A Global Peace Prayer Chain Initiative of CFEL. If we all pray from our Heart, for Global Healing, for peace and love, daily for just 3 minutes, we believe we can create a miracle. Love has great powers. Energy is being used as medicine for ages. We can use our positive energies to heal our planet. Let’s join our hearts with praying hearts across the globe and heal our planet. Let us leave our heart-prints on this suffering humanity and bless this planet with peace and love.

    Global Healing Project

  4. Sammaan:

    A Social Equality Initiative of CFEL. From Victimhood to Selfhood. Victimhood: existence as a dependent, abused, misused ignorant victim
    Selfhood: existence as an independent conscious human being

    Live with respect (??????). Knowledge is the key to Respect.


  5. Annapoorna:

    A Feed the Poor Initiative of CFEL. The haves of the planet keep on saving for their imaginary tomorrow's when the have-nots are dying of hunger today. If you feed the poor today the Lord will take care of your tomorrow needs. Our mission is feeding the poor one Bhandara at a time.


  6. iRevolt:

    A Youth Initiative of CFEL. To overcome the outer poverty and the outer weaknesses, you have to first overcome the inner poverty and the inner weaknesses. You have to rise above the ordinariness. You have to rise above the common. One freedom nobody can take away from you, your choice to be yourself. They can crush the outer revolutions, but nobody can crush your right to make an Inner Revolution.


  7. Spiritual Retreats:

    Residential Spiritual Retreats with the directors, a rare opportunity to receive the teachings and blessings live and experience the divine light, love and power.

  8. Volunteer opportunities for those who wish to get involved by becoming part of the extraordinary CFEL team.


The donations from students, initiates and disciples directly help to fund our above initiatives. A large part of the proceeds from Dr. Amit Jain’s workshops and the sales of his life enriching inventions, the Life Card and the White Armor, are also directed to support our above initiatives.


Our Philosophy

CFEL - 4 Main Aims of Life




The human Life has four main aims ~ Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha.

Dharma simply means the Cosmic Laws that govern us.

Artha is Economics, the Money.

Kama is Sex.

Moksha is Spiritual Enlightenment.

But by just clinging to one or two of them we keep living our lives unsatisfied. The history of the man kind shows us emphatically, that only a person fulfilling all four basic aims of the human life, lives a fulfilling life, full of happiness, love and peace.

The Dharma Shastra says: “Let goodness, not the ambition, be the foundation of your life”.

The Artha Shastra advocates: “Earn money out of love, not out of greed”.

The Kama Shastra advocates: “Convert sex into prayer”.

The Moksha Shastra says: “Only when we drop our ego, do we realize the bliss that is within us”.


Being spiritual means living consciously – what we call Enlightened Living.

Enlightened Living is living the normal life in an extraordinary way.

The ordinary people do not live, they just struggle. Every day, 365 days of the year. And then they continue again with some new ‘new year resolutions’ that are broken and forgotten as quickly as they were taken.

To be spiritual, to seek the kingdom of your father, neither you have to shun sex nor leave your spouse, neither you have to shun money nor your work, neither you have to become a vegetarian and shun meat, nor leave your family. Neither you need to become a monk and wear saffron or white.

Enlightened Living is living purposely and consciously, knowing the Dharma, the laws, knowing what would be the consequences of our today’s actions on our tomorrow. Thus, avoiding short-term mistakes that usually cost us dear in the long run.

This is totally opposite to the ‘Hit & Trial method of living’ of the ordinary folks. They have no system, no guiding principles, no direction and no higher purpose to define their lives. You do not want to live like that, do you?

We are seekers of truth and Nirvana. We follow GNOSIS, the wisdom inherent in all the religions and ancient cultures of the world.

We strive to realize our true potential. To realize the higher possibility inherent in every human being.

The main purpose of CFEL is to inspire, to nurture and to enlighten this innate quest of realizing our higher potential in every being and to help them to realize their ultimate inner potential.

The following Divine states are the Inner Potentials of every human being. These are the Inner Potentials of each human being born on this planet, waiting to be realized. This is the parlok/cosmic duty of each one of us, the purpose for which we are born: to realize our true human potential.

To become an Arhat/Paramhamsa, a Buddha, a Siddha/Adept/Master…….or even a Christ/Krishna.


CFEL - Ladder of Awesomeness


May beings everywhere, who suffer torment in their minds and bodies,
be relieved by the Love and Compassion of the Heart of God.
May World Center For Enlightened Living serve as a guide for those
who seek to leave the pain-filled darkness and enter into
the light of supreme happiness.




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Dr Amit Jain